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Empower your team with smart spending solution

Optimize expense management as a team to save precious time and boost efficiency. Delegate as easy and efficient as possible to make your finances work for you.

Track every dollar spent by your team in real time

Get full visibility into every expense. Simply allocate budgets to your teams by setting up your spaces. Analyze spend by department to find new ways to cut wasteful spending and save money.


Define each user's access rights

Control your budgets with ease: enjoy full visibility and set permissions and levels of access. Customize staff’s roles and pick the pack of apps they need for work.


Set a budget for each department

Put your members in charge of their team spend, while you stay on top of your company expenses. Let your staff act freely within the limits you set for each department.


Karta makes it simple for everyone

  • CEO

    Easily delegate tasks while keeping an eye on your team's spending. Give them their own budgets, and set specific spending rules. Free yourself from complex administrative tasks.

  • CFO

    Streamline your team's finances with our easy-to-use payment tracking and team budget management tools. Take control of your company's finances with enhanced visibility over spending.

  • Office Manager

    Make your workday a little bit easier on yourself. Purchase products and services independently on your company's behalf, eliminate the routine to focus on well-being at work.

  • Team Manager

    Take full freedom to view all of your team's spaces in one place and track their direct spending with a card, so you can keep on top of managing your team's finances.

  • Employee

    No more work-related expense reports. Spend safely without and never pay for anything out of pocket. No need to wait for reimbursements either, act freely within the limits.

  • Accountant

    Simplify reports and boost efficiency by tracking of your clients' accounts and getting an access to them at any time. Download and export your clients' transactions just in one click.

Simplify finance management
with Karta