How virtual cards bring order to employees' spending

Virtual cards give employees the green light in seconds, speeding up expense approvals and helping companies monitor expenses. It's a win-win!

Stacy Kanevskaia
- 2 min read

Expense management is a pain for both employees and companies. Every expense needs to be approved; it goes through too many desks, raising the risk of errors and slow payments. Finance teams suffer from piles of paperwork, while employees overspend because there’s no transparency behind business expenses.

As work becomes further digitized and automated, virtual cards for employees have become safer and easier. They’re a great way to streamline spend management, allocate expenses and reduce manual work.

What are the benefits of virtual cards for employees?

  • They can be created in seconds for each of your employees, so there's no need to share a corporate card amongst departments or offices. Each card has unique details and limits you can set so that employees can avoid overspending.
  • The virtual credit card for employees is safer than a traditional one because it can't be lost or stolen, and since you link it to specific vendors, your banking information stays private.
  • Real-time monitoring of virtual employee cards ensures that you know exactly where and how your money is being spent.

Karta offers smart virtual cards for employees

And many more. With flexible budgets and access levels, it's easier to take control of your employees' spending and automate processes. Karta gives you:

Secure, limited-use cards

Employees can create a virtual team card in seconds, with no waiting period. Because it's not physical, it can't fall into the wrong hands.

No more reconciliation headaches

Set up a budget that divides and allocates spending, so there's no need to get approval from the financial department.

Any employee purchase covered

Budget members can create as many virtual cards as they need — whether for one-time online payments or to keep track of spending on a project.

Built-in spend limits

Manage your employees' spending with ease. Set the limit on each corporate pay card and relax, knowing they won't exceed their budgets.

Track employee spending as it happens

Get real-time, detailed insights into all your company’s spending. It's like an employee credit card statement... without the fine print.

Our media buying team is no longer tied up in the daily struggle of sharing cards and tracking who spends what on which clients. Now we can create virtual cards for employees and contractors, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and budget fights. Best of all, there is better oversight of spending — such a relief.
— Henry Barton, CMO of Zongads

Manage spending. Not employees.

Empower your team with virtual cards, total compliance, and transparency.

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