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Smart spending makes your business stronger

Unlock a new level of spend management that saves you time and money on expenses, invoices and so much more.

Company cards to power your team

We've got you covered on all of your business spending, whether it’s big ad agency or small e-commerce store.


Boost business control, save money

Control every aspect of your business debit card including approvals, limits, transaction types and even individual usage. Track your team’s expenses, get instant reconciliation, receipts at your fingertips.


Full reporting for each card and each transaction

You can see every transaction and know exactly when, where and how much has been spent. Never worry about the truth. Karta serves as your financial account and will provide a full report of all your transactions.


A smarter operating account for your business

Create spaces and set rules for easier budgeting and separating funds for each aspect of your payments journey and let Karta handle the heavy lifting.


Advertise on a large scale

Improve your ad campaigns with multiple virtual cards to easily pay for Facebook, TikTok, Google Adwords, Taboola, etc. Save time and get the most out of your digital advertising to reach more customers.


Get extra online fraud protection with virtual debit cards

Safety matters. Keep your money secure and inaccessible to scammers. You can issue a single-use virtual card. Ideal for online payments.


Join Karta today!

Make the switch to smarter company spending today.