Top 5 reasons US businesses should use virtual credit cards

Some businesses prefer to use physical cards, but many others find them cumbersome. Regardless of which side you're on, it's clear that traditional ones have many shortcomings.

Stacy Kanevskaia
- 3 min read

What's wrong with traditional US credit cards?

Traditional banks and many US credit cards aren't designed for business. They're slow to issue, you can't get many of them, it's hard to keep track of them, and they are easy to lose — not to mention that they can be easily stolen. It's tricky to figure out the total amount you're spending, hard to keep tabs on budgets, and you also need to know who authorized each payment. By contrast, virtual credit cards USA offer many advantages over physical versions.

Why switch to virtual business cards?

Virtual cards give you greater flexibility in paying for business expenses. Core benefits include:

  • Each virtual credit card for the USA has unique details and a U.S. billing address, so it's easy to make any payment. You can create a virtual card on each site where you spend money or for each purchase.
  • Spending limits help you control employees' expenses and ensure no one spends too much.
  • Virtual credit cards in the USA can also be used for one-time purchases or subscriptions. When making multiple payments, it's easy, fast, and secure.

Karta's virtual cards: smart, unlimited, made to scale

With one app, you can get multiple cards and control them all in one place.

  • Pay for every business expense with a virtual card without stopping or blocking. Each online virtual credit card USA is 3D secured, has a US BIN, and is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust.
  • Set a limit, define spending rules, tie your card to an employee or subscription, and ensure everyone sticks to the budget.
  • Manage your cards how you want to: lock or close a card that feels off, or create a single-use card.
  • Create budgets, and assign them to teams, projects and vendors. Add members, set managers, and let them pay with virtual credit card worldwide to cut down office admin.
  • Review all cards in one app and see all expenses updated in real time. You’re in control, and everything is done with less work.

Create many virtual cards for business and get the most seamless spending process ever

Unlock secure and convenient spending. Get your first virtual credit card with a USA billing address and check your business expenses with control.

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