Virtual credit cards for travel: the hidden advantages

Even big companies suffer from lost receipts, spurious claims and transactions. Virtual credit cards offer a great way to avoid these problems, by managing your employees' card payments in real time.

Stacy Kanevskaia
- 2 min read

Why pay for travel-related expenses with virtual cards?

More control, less paperwork

Virtual payment cards can be loaded with a specific budget for a trip. This balance covers possible expenses, eliminates the need for business travel reimbursements or paperwork, and saves money by reducing the costs of agency and supplier markups. The finance department has full visibility of what money is being spent.

Added safety

Each virtual card for business has single-use numbers that cannot be reused or transferred. This can help stop misuse or theft and ensure a card's number is not directly linked to a company's bank account. Deposit a credit card for traveling with the money needed for a trip, then freeze it after use.

No more reimbursements

We know it hurts: for employees, it means dipping into personal funds and waiting weeks to be reimbursed, and for the finance department — lots of paperwork and double-checks to pay back employees. A virtual corporate credit card offers a much better alternative.

With Karta, you can organize, automate and simplify all your business travel expenses in one place

Karta's virtual cards for business allow you to manage travel payments and reimbursements instantly without spending hours filling out paperwork, waiting for approvals from managers, or sharing a single card.

Open an account in 5 minutes

Create a credit card for business travel and tie it to the specific travel expenses

Book hotels and flights for your team, suppliers, or partners. Many credit cards for traveling can be created in seconds, assigned to your travel budget, and attached to the user.

Easily track payments, and remove the paperwork

Travel expenses can be managed remotely inside one virtual credit card service. No more days spent on long email threads with managers, the finance department, and employees to approve hotel booking or a business lunch.

Strengthen travel policy

Reduce the risk of overspending by providing employees with corporate cards and setting spending controls and limits.

Track in real time to analyze spending

Simplify your business routine with a single app that gives you instant access to all your travel expense data.

Get unlimited virtual credit cards, flexible budgeting, and all-in-one payments hub to transform your business travel

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