Meet Karta API: growth engine for your business

It's time to automate almost everything. From opening an account to creating multiple cards and monitoring budgets, our public API will take weeks of development time off the clock ad unlocks a faster scale.

Stacy Kanevskaia
- 2 min read

When building new products, onboarding is always expensive, cumbersome, and slow. It takes months to create accounts, payment credit cards, and manage budgets, even if complete documentation is provided. How are you supposed to keep up with the competition? How much time and money do you waste on developing? Well, enough to put growth on hold.

Fortunately, the latest digital solutions continue to transform the financial ecosystem. One of these innovations is embedded finance which enables developers to create custom workflows and internal power tools like virtual card issuance — all with a single integration. This gives your customers increasing control over their funds and simultaneously grows your business with new revenue streams.

What is a credit card API?

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are the digital backbones of many popular online services. They are a direct link between two software applications, allowing them to interact. API-driven products allow developers to create and deploy new services without interacting directly with a financial institution’s back-end systems. Virtual card issuing, payments, budgets, and more features can be integrated and automated by an API with less time and money.

How APIs can streamline business and developer workflow

Ready-to-use financial stack. You can easily create a financial account and optimize spend management with automated payments and other transactions. Also, API can act as a virtual card issuer and give your customers more flexibility in day-to-day spending.

Better user experience. API makes it easy for your customers to pay bills, manage cash flow and hold funds. Every credit card API can be tailored to your user's needs, preferences, and budget.

Less time and hassle on developing. The payments API automates the basic tasks. Developers can call an API whenever they want to input data to a server without breaking a sweat.

Thousands of dollars saved. There's no need to build a complicated system with huge resources. You can shift saved funds to grow your business.

Real-time data access. Automatic payments are recorded in your company's transaction history, reducing the chance of errors during manual processes.

Karta's API helps you launch faster and scale smarter

Our virtual card issuing API combines an easy-to-integrate set of building blocks for modern software applications, enabling you to launch new products and cutting-edge features faster. 

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Now it's easier to deliver the right solution to your customers with many in-built benefits.

Automated payments

You can quickly plug into our pre-built workflows to open a virtual business account API with a single request. Make deposits, pay contractors/vendors, and send/receive ACH API and wire transfers while making every money move a breeze.

Unlimited cards

Create and distribute many virtual cards API connected to specific budgets, tie them to Apple Wallet / Google Pay and let everyone pay for everything needed.

Flexible rules and limits

Define personal/project/team limits, so every payment with a card always sticks to your budget. With dynamic spend controls, there's no need to approve every expense, and you save time and money.

Effortless budget management

Set the budget for projects, departments, subscriptions, or vendors to keep expenses divided and reach complete control. Assign a manager, add employees, and take manual hassles off your shoulders while focusing on scaling.

With Karta issuing API, you can simplify your financial stack, launch quickly, increase engagement, and create new lines of revenue. Add a financial service to your platform in a way that's customized for your customers.

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