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Divide and conquer with business accounts

A new way of splitting expenses is here—with the power of departments and seamless funds segmentation. Focus on growing, not budgeting.

Open multiple accounts for any purpose

Keep expenses on accounting, advertising, or paying contractors divided. Separate your investments from day-to-day account transactions and set aside money for taxes or other large expenses.


Move your money in seconds

Switch and schedule payments from any account, to any account, in a few clicks. No need to log in and out, simply track spend and funds with automated reports for each.


Deposit and withdraw, easily

Split your funds between accounts and get a specific card details for each of them. Make transfers with no mess on the ride—you set the rules within your goals, employees, and departments.


Simplify tracking with segmentation

Eliminate busywork and easily control and report on cash flow with a specific expenses. Separate and track while transferring money between them, wherever needed.


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Make the switch to smarter company spending today.