<financial service>
into your business

Create accounts, cards, budgets,
and more with Karta API.

Everything you need. One API.

Create virtual,
customized cards

Quickly generate and program cards with built-in limits and access levels, whether you use CLI or spreadsheets.

Automate payments

Pay contractors and vendors, accept payments, and send/receive ACH or wire transfers without all the usual fuss.

Rule your spending
with budgets

Set up your spend-and-track system to monitor marketing, subscriptions, and all levels. Add employees, define rules and assign a manager to oversee.

Simplify workflow. Save time.

You'll save months of development time
and thousands of dollars on the payroll.

No setup fee
Fast onboarding
Set up in weeks, not months
Enjoy great support

Start building financial features today!

Plug into our API and take advantage of new revenue streams while scaling your business.